U.S. a nation of laws, not cheaters

I am disgusted by what Donald Trump suggested on a visit to Altoona on Aug. 12: "The only way we can lose, in my opinion — I really mean this, Pennsylvania — is if cheating goes on."
Here in Pennsylvania, our Founding Fathers drafted the Declaration of Independence to overthrow a corrupt monarch who fostered a culture of routine cheating. Eleven years later, in drafting our Constitution, they developed the architecture of a judicial system that continues to define equal justice before the law. It was here in Pennsylvania more than two centuries ago where never before freedoms were born and cheating and corruption began to die.
I immigrated to Pennsylvania nearly 30 years ago because in this great country cheaters do not win. I have been blessed to grow a multinational industry-leading organic food business. In our industry, rigorous U.S. Department of Agriculture standards do not tolerate cheating.
I recognize cheating occurs monthly in elections and corruption occurs daily in industry elsewhere in the world. To borrow a phrase, America will be proven "great (yet) again" in the eyes of the world, when Trump realizes on Election Day that we are a nation of laws not cheaters.
Murat Guzel | Bethlehem
The writer is founder and CEO of Nimeks Organics.